Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Prata Wala @tampinese

Awww maaaaan! 
It's back to school so my food adventures are cut down a little bit T.T  
But anyway, love knows no boundaries yo!
GOOD FOOD, here I am waitinnn' :DDD!

We were miraculously released early at the weirdest time 11+ am (nursing students can understand why) 
So we decided to go get some better food rather than in school. Because I'm vegan my friends had to decide soemwhere that at least sells vegetarian stuff hahaha :X so we decided on prata wala cuz they HAVE vegetarian options

Vegetarian Briyani (6.90)

I'm sorry for this "unglamorous" shot of the food, WAS JUST TOO HUNGRY TO SPEND 30 minutes taking a perfect shot! It tastes REALLY GOOD but the camera makes it look average and bad ain't it? :p hahaha 
First off when you order, the person will ask you to choose 3 vegetables on the top shelf. 
The first one being number 1, second being 2, 3 
I chose Potato, eggplants (super faveee) and Okra :D ,  with a free cup of vegetarian curry!

My friends ordered their chicken curry with rice and once the food arrived, everybody ate and because it tasted good no one talked during the whole time we were eating~

Anyway I find the price really reasonable because of the portion! Was expecting 8 dollars or smth.  You gotta understand- This store is in a shopping centre by itself not inside the food court so if it's 6.90(or 7 dollars) with this big portion and extra serving of curry, it's pretty worth it :P
My food and Surya and syafiqah's chicken and vegetable curry rice :D!

Currently pooping and the smell of curry is so strong HAHAHAH! 

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