Sunday, 4 January 2015

Being Vegan/vegetarian @Fat Boys Burger Bar

'That rare vegetarian/vegan find in your local restaurant' line, isnt really true. 
Thank God we live in Singapore! (because we have many of vegetarians, due to some of their religions)
Yesterday, i went to our regular food haunt, 
A TOTAL meat burger restaurant and I still remembered the first time i went there i was like: Oh no my friends wanna eat here but i'm vegan.. how ah.
At the bottom of the page was a Vegetarian/vegan option.
A portobello something-something burger ($11+)
OR much better, a  BUILD-YOUR-OWN-BURGER section where you can customize  your burger and add any ingredient you want 
Gotta pay for each ingredient when you build you own burger so the more u add the more you pay :)!

Obviously it sounded much more INTERESTING, SO I WENT FOR THAT :
Portobello mushrooms, Sauteed mushrooms, Beetroot, Garlic aioli, Sauteed onion and Guacamole, AND garlic aioli sauce!  :D
My Build-Your-(Vegan)-Burger,(9.80)

Everytime come here customize burger always around this price one 
All burger sett comes with a side of fries, tomatoes and lettuce :B

OH AND,For non-vegans if you add meat it'll be $8 and above for either chicken beef or lamb .

Close up :D! Aint looking too sumptious but the taste is really sumptuous!
The flavour everything stands out. When i bit into  it, the sautéed mushroom captured my taste buds, then the bouncyness of the portobello mushroom, sweet crunchiness of the beetroot, and the mushy texture , LE YUMZ taste of guacamole  and the sweetness of the garlic aioli and caramalized onions YUMYUM! 
Sorry har if you don't like it but i did enjoy it all my favourite ingredients hahaha :p 

My cheeky friend anyhow take unglam shot of me eating 
PS: Add the Maple syrup form the condiments area (near counter)  to your fries, It  tastes like delicious waffles after that!  
Non-vegans, the staff told us that the first four burgerslisted  on the fatboys menu are the BEST SELLERS! My meat eating friends love the Shroom Cheese burger, if that's what it's called :D

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