Monday, 5 January 2015

Brownice @upper Thomson(pt 2)

My Tummy says YESYES but my wallet says NONO 

Went with my Vivian cupcake to Brownice today, got lost and a kind uncle showed us the way, Xiexie uncle :D!

Pumpkin Alfredo (12.80)
Guaranteed yummy! ALmost everyone who eats this dish likes it. 
I did like it but not as much as the Spinach Hedgehog pizza, because for me I prefer something that is a little saltier. :D
But their bits of mock ham was delicious! Wished it was really big !
However Vivian really liked this dish that she ate everything and left me only a few pieces of penne 

Spinach Hedgehog (16.90)

Worth the price, vegans!  Nut cheese, spinach paste, tomato sauce, tomatoes, mushroom, and nut? Health food altogether man! Not to mention, the DELICIOUS VERSION ! 

Salted caramel tart (7.80 ala carte) with pure hazelnut, hazelnut chocolate and peanutbutter chocolate ice cream(3.80 per scoop, 3 scoops @7.90) 

And the taste of the hazelnut was so strong, taste like ferrero Roche!  it felt like I was really eating a  hazelnut by itself-only in ice cream form! Not like those normal ice creams that put so much of dairy it's like 20% the flavour and 80% smothered with other ingredients that it ain't taste like that flavour anymore. 
Choco peanut butter- Wow. Just pure peanut butter with chocolate in ice cream form. Soooo good. Y'all should know how peanut butter and choco tastes like right,  Nuff said. So delicious
Hazelnut choco- imagine eating a hazelnut with a chocolate bar. With more sweetness and smooth texture. Brings me on cloud 9! 

NOW, Vivian is in love with Brownice! HAHAHAHA 

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