Sunday, 28 December 2014

Ambush @Junction 8

Our dinner last night, was really delicious. Until I went to make this blog about food. Seriously.
I'm crazy about food, but because I'm a vegan, there isn't much option for me.
Their only vegan option on the whole menu was Salads ($11+) , Truffle fries (9.80) and this portobello spaghetti (16.20)
I heard that Ambush was good for their pastas and also, wasn't going to pay 11.80 for a salad! so I went with the Truffle fries, Portobello spaghetti and for drinks, a Green Apple Mojito (5.50) And was regretting because I wanted to lose some weight

Portobello mushroom pasta (16.20)

The Portobello pasta Sooo sedap can. When the waitress put it infront of me the smell was so strong I couldn't wait to eat first but had to wait for everyone's food to arrive too. I'm sure everyone understands this pain. the pain of being infront of delicious fragrant food but cannot eat it. :p

Inside got rocket leaf vegetable, cherry tomato, some heavenly tasting mushroom sauce with mushroom bits, olive oil, huge Portobello mushroom slices! Packs a punch <3  gotta taste it to believe it.
Pam and Jacelin who are both meat lovers tried the pasta and they said they won't mind going vegan too because this option was so delicious 😂😂😂!
IM SO GOING TO AMBUSH again for this dish!

 Truffle fries with parmesan cheese  (9.80)

 The truffle fries actually comes with Parmesan cheese but being vegan (i don't wanna take anything from animals at all) im not gonna eat the cheese so i separated it because Jacelin wanted to have cheese
First few bites and in love already, one of the best truffle fries! Most of them taste the same but this one just tastes really fragrant but also light! And for all the cheese lovers it might just be a blast
The fries were gone within a few minutes 😂 Going back to Ambush for this? check!

                      Green apple mojito (5.50)

Green apple mojito tasted pretty alright, Green apple syrup at the bottom i think?
this is only my second time drinking mojito so I'm not sure how it's supposed to taste like.
The first time I tasted it at Aqua Nova and it was delicious! Even came with part of a juicy sugar cane plant in it so u can chew on it and drink at the same time and it's so sweet! Best 18 dollars ever spent for any sweet drinks 😋

That's all for this post, check out this restaurant and ull be back for more :D