Monday, 5 January 2015

Lime ice jelly @You Huak

                             Lime ice jelly ($2- $2.50)
The vegan girl can't eat You Huak's Bai mi fen/white noodles because it has seafood and egg in it so I just got their Lime jelly :D 
It does pack a punch for anyone who looooves sour stuff, followed by a sweet aftertaste.
The transparent gelatin feels so chilled as I bite into it :D! Softens the sourness of the lime juice around if.
Squeeze the lime, even more sour!
Personally Im not a fan of sour stuff. So I prefer the Lime juice that Adeline got, because it wasn't as sour as the lime jelly
Adeline loves sour stuff so she ended up eating the Jelly for me and she LOVES IT!  
Sour-lovers, confirm shiok for y'all! 

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