Monday, 5 January 2015

Brownice @Sin Ming Centre

Today's post will be about this well-known Vegan food store called "Brownice"
I don't know if it's supposed to be pronounced as "Brown ice", "Brown nice"/ "brownies" , as pronounced by one of my vegan friends 😂
Originally it sold Ice cream only but now it selling pizzas pastas sandwiches cakes.. Wowowee!

Anyway we walked to Brownice from Marymount mrt was yes it was like a long walk of 10-15 mins. When you wanna eat, the time to reach the place always feels like the longest xD!
Actually, it was only at upper Thomson and we could have taken a bus there 😂
All that effort...

When we entered, their signboard of pizzas greeted out eyes!
WOAH, so we didn't sit down yet, immediately order because so hungry .
We couldn't decide what to order so just Eenie movie meenie moe anything also can:
"Tofu crumble" and "Breakfast pizza"
We also sampled ALL the choices of ice cream- Chrismas special (chocolate and mint), coconut,strawberry,green tea,pure hazelnut, hazelnut coffee,dark chocolate,French chocolate,Madagascar vanilla, and a few others.
Their ice creams sometimes got change flavour one not always the same, interesting...

----15 minutes later ----

                                                           Breakfast Pizza

*pizza on table*

The breakfast pizza has nut cheese, baked beans, HASHBROWNS <3! ,
Crusts of the pizzas are thin and crisp :9
And, Gotta LOVE the nut cheese  !
How can it be hard to go vegan when there's so much awesome lovely yummy delicious tasteful nommable vegan food!? :D
I feel that , everyone thinks being vegan is just boring veggies with rice but that's so not true. Like that we all have died of boredom!

Todu crumble (11.80)
The appearance of the tofu pizza looks like a normal minced meat pizza.
But it has Nut cheese, tomato pasta and minced tofu! Doesn't look that good, but the taste was fine :D!
Personally, the breakfast still tastes better to me, probably cos I love hashbrowns :D!

After 10 minutes we were still hungry so we wanted to order some dessert like maybe a waffle with ice cream or their cake. BUT BEING GIRLS WE COULDNT DECIDE. so end up just anyhow make decision.

We ordered a salted caramel ice cream cake, and for the ice cream, LADYBOSS recommended coconut goes well with this salted caramel ice cream cake, so we got that and with another scoop of  strawberry ice cream.

THE CAKE WAS SO DELICIOUS! I mean not just delicious. But delicious delicious delicious that kind!
Salted caramel cake (7.80 ala carte, 10+ with one scoop of ice cream) 
The top of the cake was salted caramel chocolate and the bottom later was soft creamy buttery nutty base, like fudge texture, lastly a cookie base!
I wish that you guys can lick the picture of the cake and taste it hahaha!
Sang was not a dessert person so when we got the cake she was like anything la... If u all want to eat..
And she doesn't like nuts
When she ate the cake she kept eating more and more. Within 5 minutes the cake was gone.

And the ice cream, altho without any milk and any dairy stuffs, WAS JUST PURE FRESHNESS .
Like, Healthy guilt free nourishing natural ice cream

Altho we were all sharing the dessert, everyone  was controlling themselves from wolfing the cake down to themselves hahaha!
Becos ladies don't wanna be fat ma so all share one dessert X:   jk


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